The Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme: Building Bridges of Friendship in Aged Care

Aug 30, 2023

In Great Company operates under the support of the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care. In response to the recommendation from the Royal Commission, the Department has implemented a series of changes.

A Fresh Image: The Rebranding of CVS to ACVVS

Commencing July 1, 2023, the scheme formerly known as the Community Visitor Scheme (CVS), is now called The Aged Care Volunteer Visitor Scheme (ACVVS). One of the significant changes that come with ACVVS has been this rebranding effort. This endeavour was undertaken with input of ACVVS auspices and network members, ensuring that the new identity reflects the spirit and mission of the program.

Expanding Horizons: A Greater Reach for ACVVS

The expansion of the program is another key element of ACVVS to address the needs of even more lonely and socially isolated older individuals. By allocating additional volunteer positions within funded community organizations, ACVVS aims to create a sustainable and widespread initiative.

An Eye on Diversity: Meeting Complex and Culturally Diverse Needs

ACVVS takes a comprehensive approach by focusing on the diverse needs of its clients, including those with complex and culturally diverse backgrounds. The program is committed to improving the identification and support mechanisms for these clients, ensuring that their unique needs are not only recognized, but also effectively addressed.

Shaping the Future: Training, Innovation, and Evaluation

Sustainability is at the heart of ACVVS. To ensure the program’s longevity and success, a Community of Practice has been established for organisations that provide ACVVS services. This platform encourages the sharing of knowledge, cultivates best practices, and fosters innovation within the program. By doing so, ACVVS aims to continuously improve its services and adapt to the evolving needs of the elderly population.

Additionally, ACVVS is committed to enhancing its reporting and evaluation processes. This aids in better understanding the program’s performance, and provides valuable insights into how it can be optimized to meet future objectives.

In Great Company: Continuing the Mission

For existing In Great Company clients and volunteers, this rebranding to ACVVS will not disrupt the cherished friendships that have been formed. Instead, it signifies an opportunity to expand the program’s services and assist more clients within its funded regions.

In Great Company remains dedicated to actively recruiting, training, and supporting ACVVS volunteers. This ensures that the essential mission of providing friendship and companionship to socially isolated older individuals continues unabated.

A Call to Action: Volunteering with ACVVS

As the ACVVS program continues to evolve, the call to action is clear. The program relies on dedicated volunteers who can commit a few hours each week to make a significant difference in the lives of socially isolated older individuals. Volunteering with ACVVS is not just an act of kindness; it’s a chance to offer the gift of companionship, brighten someone’s day, and create lasting memories.

The rebranding of CVS to ACVVS marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the journey of companionship and support for our seniors. With a focus on sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity, ACVVS is shaping the future of Aged Care, one friendship at a time.

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