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Looking for a Volunteer?

Our incredible volunteers can assist you with a wide variety of things in and outside of your home. Whether you are on or waiting for a Home Care Package, or in residential care, we can help you stay connected, independent, and active.

What you and your volunteer do together is ultimately up to you, but let our list of examples inspire you:

  • Cooking and sharing a meal together;
  • Completing small tasks around your home and garden, such as tidying or reorganising;
  • Playing games, like cards or chess;
  • Going to appointments, social outings, or other outdoor activities together, such as the beach, park, or markets;
  • Watching a movie together at home or at the cinema;
  • Rediscovering a hobby or light sport you once enjoyed;
  • Learning about the use of technology and social media to connect to your family and community;
  • Playing or listening to a musical instrument;
  • Enjoying some arts and crafts.

The list goes on and the opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Get in touch with us and we can assist with matching you with just the right volunteer.

Want to Volunteer?

We’re excited to have you on board! Our mission is to make sure that no person feels lonely – and you can certainly help with that. At In Great Company, we know that life has a lot of different challenges, and we want to be there for those facing them, together. Just an hour of your time can make a huge difference to another person’s life.

Our volunteer opportunities are wide-ranging and depend on the area you choose to volunteer in, but some of the examples include:

  • Providing help with small tasks around someone’s home or garden, such as tidying or reorganising;
  • Accompanying someone on their errands, such as going to and from appointments or grocery shopping;
  • Helping with the preparation and cooking of a meal together;
  • Working with In Great Company behind the scenes, such as completing administrative tasks;
  • Visiting Feros Care residential villages and participating in the fun alongside residents;
  • Providing social support and company to seniors;
  • Teaching a client something new.
  • Enjoying some down-time with someone, such as listening to music, playing cards, or simply chatting over a cuppa.

The list goes on and the opportunities are only limited by your imagination. Get in touch with us and we can assist with matching you with just the right person.

Everyone deserves great company – let us find you a reliable, skilled, and friendly volunteer visitor.

Your volunteer visitor is there to share your great company, but can also help with small tasks around the home and garden, playing games or having a cuppa, accompanying you to appointments or even helping you with technology. When an In Great Company volunteer visits, the sky is the limit!

First up, we need to understand your interests and hobbies. Then we’ll match you with a friendly volunteer visitor who shares similar interests to you.

Signing up to meet your volunteer is easy. All you need to do is provide us with your details, tell us a bit about what you’d like help with, and we take care of the rest. Our volunteer visitors are personally matched to you, and you can meet them before deciding to proceed.

All volunteer visitors are matched based on shared interests and skills. We also look after your safety at home by ensuring that all volunteer visitors are police-checked, trained to the highest standards, and come with a registered identification badge.

How can our volunteers help?

When it comes to In Great Company, our volunteer visitors offer a rich wealth of skills and interests, making the opportunities endless. Here are some of the most popular examples to guide you:

  • playing games, chatting over a cuppa, or simply spending time together in your home;
  • helping you to rekindle a hobby you once enjoyed;
  • helping you to learn to use technology to connect with your family and community;
  • spending quality time with you while your carer has a break;
  • help with small tasks around the home and garden, such as tidying, washing dishes, gardening, sorting out those cupboards, or cooking together;
  • accompanying or transporting you to appointments, social outings, or other outdoor activities.

Am I eligible?

Our services are available along the East Coast of Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania.

You can access our free volunteer program if you are aged 65+ and are;

  • Currently receiving Home Care Package services and would like more access to the community or enjoy more companionship; or
  • On the national waitlist for a Home Care Package.

If you have received a letter from your Aged Care Assessment Team including the words ‘you are approved as eligible’, then you can apply to be matched with an In Great Company volunteer.

If you’re not sure whether you’re on a waitlist or are needing some assistance, give us a call on 1300 736 930 or apply online and we’ll be happy to guide you.