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Life is better shared

A friendly visit a day keeps the doctor away – or so we believe! In Great Company matches people in need of support to like-minded volunteers to help maintain independence and connection to community.

Why choose In Great Company?

Everyone deserves belly laughs, a chat over a cuppa, fish and chips by the sea, or just someone to share stories and run errands with. We all need a helping hand at times, and we all benefit from a little great company. Each In Great Company visit feels like:

Am I eligible?

Our services are available along the East Coast of Australia in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania.

You can access our free volunteer program if you are aged 65+ and are;

  • Currently receiving Home Care Package services and would like more access to the community or enjoy more companionship; or
  • On the national waitlist for a Home Care Package.

If you have received a letter from your Aged Care Assessment Team including the words ‘you are approved as eligible’, then you can apply to be matched with an In Great Company volunteer.

If you’re not sure whether you’re on a waitlist or are needing some assistance, give us a call on 1300 736 930 or apply online and we’ll be happy to guide you.

From volunteer to friend

Barbara has a Brazilian son-in-law so when Stella showed up on her doorstep as her In Great Company volunteer from Brazil, the two hit it off straight away. Watch their story!

Can I become an
In Great Company volunteer?

Our rules are nice and simple: you can become a volunteer with us if you are over 18.

We will support you through the process of application and criminal history screening.

Are In Great Company volunteers available to help me?

You can access our free volunteer program if you are:

  • Currently receiving Home Care Package services, and would like a little extra company or social support; or
  • On the national waitlist for a Home Care Package.