Oh the stories you’ll tell!

Sep 2, 2020

An inspirational volunteer, always willing to go the extra mile and to offer her support to many of our clients who find it difficult to access their community Roz Kulken has been with Feros Care and In Great Company for almost three years now.

“What I find most rewarding and enjoyable in my interactions with the lovely elderly people that I volunteer to visit is hearing their life stories,” Roz said.

“All of them are so interesting, so remarkable and so inspiring.”

Roz speaks fondly of seniors’ ability to share that focusing on the positives, working hard, taking nothing for granted and treating people with kindness and respect is so important.

“During their lifetime they would have experienced the full range of human emotions to varying degrees, and don’t mind sharing their memories of the joyful or sad times, their most important accomplishments, the experiences that made them feel
most alive, each of them telling and teaching something significant from their life experiences,” she said.

Visiting a few people each week would keep most people busy, but our amazing Roz always mentions during our chats that she still has more time if we come across anyone else who is isolated and would benefit from her company.

“For some elderly, life can be lonely as you get older, the days seem longer, and you can’t do the things you used to do. They always look forward to a volunteer visiting, having a cuppa, having a chat, sharing memories and photos, and
even an outing when it suits them.”

Roz has recently enjoyed learning more about her client Ilse’s life and shares that after the devastation of the war in her home country, Ilse chose to migrate to Australia to make a better life for her family.

“They were made to feel so welcome and despite some initial challenges they worked hard and soon were the owners of a very successful cake and patisserie shop which made the best pastries and vanilla slices in town,” Roz said.

Ilse shared with Roz that after supplying Myers and various restaurants with their sumptuous and melt-in-the-mouth delights, their thriving business continued to be very popular for the next 30 years during which time Ilse and her family decided to
relocate to the Gold Coast.

“At 98 years young, Isle has had an amazing life, has travelled extensively throughout Australia, has done and seen more than anyone I know. She loves life and is immensely grateful to have lived in such a great country.”

This is an incredible example of one of many wonderful friendships which have blossomed thanks to our selfless volunteers like Roz – truly a volunteer deserving our shout-out this month!

“I encourage anyone who may be thinking about doing some voluntary work to go ahead, as you will bring joy and smiles to many and help make their day,” she said.

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