Kay’s authentic Japanese sushi recipe

May 10, 2021

Kay is an In Great Company volunteer coordinator, and she was born and raised on a northern island of Japan called Hokkaido, where temperature gets -20 to -30 degrees in winter. She is sharing her authentic Japanese sushi recipe.


For sushi rice 

  • 3 cups of medium grain white rice (not Calrose rice) 

  • 4 cups of water 

  • 120ml sushi seasoning 

  • Seaweed sheets 


For the filling

  • Tuna mix 

425g tinned tuna in spring water – drain spring water completely

¼ of finely chopped onion – soak in water for 5 minutes then drain water completely 

140g Kewpie mayonnaise 

  • Cucumber 

Cut off both ends of the cucumber then cut same length as seaweed sheets

Slice into 12 sticks then chop off seeds

  • Avocado 

Slice avocado into 12 pieces 

  • Rise seasoning (optional) 

Bonito or Perilla rice seasoning – you can buy this from any Asian supermarket

Kitchen equipment you need 

  • Microwavable bowl (to cook rice) 

  • Large bowl 

  • Small bowl 

  • Bamboo mat 

  • Spatula 

  • Fan 

  • Bread knife 


Plate of different sushi


Step 1. Cook rice 

Cook rice according to packet instructions. Leave cooked rice for 1 hour to cool down. 

Put cooked rice into the large bowl then pour 120ml of sushi seasoning on top of rice. Use spatula to mix them together but try not to squash rice. While you are mixing them use fan to cool the rice temperature down to body

Step 2. Make tuna mix 

Put drained tinned tuna, ¼ finely chopped onion and 120g Kewpie mayonnaise into a small bowl then mix together. 

Step 3. Roll Sushi 

Place seaweed on a bamboo mat. The size of seaweed can be modified by cutting it in half (if you want to make smaller sushi) .

Wet your hand with water. Spread the rice across the seaweed, and leave a 3 cm space along the top edge of the seaweed. 

Place the filling (tuna, cucumber, avocado, and rice seasoning) down the middle of rice. 

Use the sushi mat to roll the sushi gently, then squeeze and tighten over sushi mat with your fingers. 

Step 4. Cut sushi in pieces  

To cut a sushi roll, wet a bread knife with water or sushi seasoning. 

Cut a roll in 8 pieces and you have made your own sushi! Well done!

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