Jacinta helps Chad organise his 50th anniversary

Nov 15, 2021

Ever since Chad’s wife has gone into permament care, he has had a hole in his life – as he puts it, he can’t function properly without people around. So when In Great Company volunteer Jacinta entered his life, everything took a turn for the better.
Read more about his journey with In Great Company.

Why did you decide to register for the In Great Company volunteer program? 

Social contact is always important. I don’t function properly unless in a relationship with people. I miss my wife since she went into permanent care, and this has left a hole in the heart. Some
people like animals but I prefer real friendships.

Tell us a bit about your volunteer companion: how often do you meet? What activities do you do together?

Jacinta is exemplary in her selflessness and a great listener. She is great company, and this is very precious to me. She cares like a friend with skin in the game! I love her spontaneity, she is not shackled,
very grounded, loves her family and I value her friendship.

She is married with 5 children and I love children, so I am hoping to retain the relationship.

We meet once a week and I am really excited that she is helping me put something together for my wife and I for our 50th wedding anniversary next year.

How has your life changed since meeting with your volunteer companion? What are you most proud of?  

I feel like Jacinta is a breath of fresh air for me – a little bit of light, gives you hope and purpose. I like that we can work on a project together. It has made me more productive and creative and
my weeks more interesting.

What would you like to achieve together in the future? 

Organising my 50th wedding anniversary. I am writing another book as well, and maybe we can share a similar interest in that as our next project.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in In Great Company?

Ask and you shall receive. I have met people from prostitutes to priests and my volunteer stands out as a real giver. Allow others to help you – the happier the both of you will be.

If you’re interested in signing up for the program and to find a volunteer, click here.