In a digital world, Gail’s handmade cards surprise clients

Sep 24, 2020

Despite many activities becoming digitised and communication occurring in an instant, for many there remains a delight in receiving a handmade card. Maybe, they’re even more valuable now? 

Following an urge to give back to her community, Gail started her volunteer journey with In Great Company in February this year. Gail recognised the tremendous need for volunteers, especially during the pandemic.  
“A lot of the clients don’t have anyone to chat to, and with the restrictions, most family members are unable to visit, making it even harder for those who are socially isolated,” she said. 
Gail first offered her help with the welfare calls to the clients, as a Kindness Warrior, contacting clients to wish them ‘happy birthday’ or offer condolences after a death of a loved one. These calls are sometimes the only call the clients
receive, so it can be very uplifting and be the highlight of their day. 
Gail regularly attends our Tweed Heads office to make these calls and while speaking with clients, soon realised that a lot of them were very lonely and do not have anyone to speak to. Gail has always been creative; this passion is what inspired her to
start making personalised cards to post to clients.  
“I always enjoyed anything to do with paper crafts,” she explains.  
Gail’s cards are hand-made with love and care, including a few kind words to bring a smile to those who may not have anyone around. The feedback from not only clients but staff has been amazing. The notion means a lot, showing a personal approach
and care, which is so important for us here at In Great Company. 
Gail has now also started hosting her very own craft sessions through our Virtual Social Centre, an online platform for our clients to participate in workshops from the comfort of their own home. Clients can join Gail in making papercrafts, with lots
of tips and tricks to learn within the 40 minutes each week.  
“I keep them nice and easy, so anyone can do it from home, I always try using tools that are easy to find at home, so you don’t need to buy anything,” she said. 
Gail shared her next project that she will be working on, she wants to create postcards with small pouches including different flower seeds. Not only will the clients receive a beautiful handmade card, but they can plant the seeds in their garden while
enjoying the fresh air and getting their hands dirty.   
Gail also shared that by getting involved with volunteering, she feels a great sense of enjoyment as she knows she makes a difference in people’s lives. So, what’s her message to anyone who is considering becoming a volunteer? 
“There is always someone who has it worse, so it is easy and great to help.” 

Do you live on the QLD/NSW border? Would you like to become part of the Kindness Warrior team? Begin your journey today!