Colourful companions make for a colourful canvas

Mar 5, 2024

In the heartwarming world of In Great Company, the simple yet profound act of reaching out has been transforming lives, two people at a time.

Born from the desire to bring people together, this volunteer program is all about making genuine connections. It’s not just about lending a hand.  It’s about creating moments, sharing stories, and kindling friendships. For those who’ve lived rich, full lives and now find themselves seeking a bit of companionship, Feros Care’s ‘In Great Company’ program steps in with open arms and open hearts.  

In 2023, among the many beautiful stories that blossomed, Mirella’s journey with Renay stands out as boldly as their personalities. Mirella, is a lively septuagenarian who carries the essence of a life lived with colour. Her story, growing up in the rich soils of a large Italian family in Egypt, flowered through the urban culture of Melbourne, and now thrives amidst the Gold Coast’s vibrant energy. But it wasn’t just the change of scenery that brought a new light into Mirella’s life. It was the friendship she found in Renay, a Feros Care volunteer for In Great Company with a spirit as adventurous as her own. 

Their first meeting was less a formal introduction and more a reunion of souls. Despite the years that lay between them, Mirella and Renay quickly discovered a shared language in their enthusiasm for life. Over regular dinners and coffee meets, they now exchange stories like old friends.  

Mirella, who initially wondered if Renay’s youthful spirit would resonate with her own seasoned one, has found loads of fun in their conversations.  

“At first, when they mentioned Renay, I wondered if she might be too young for me. But, you know, she’s got this old soul about her. We can chat for hours, over dinner or a cuppa, and it’s just wonderful. I’m so blessed to have her in my life,” says Mirella. 

Renay’s vibrant energy and fresh perspective breathed new life into Mirella’s world, rekindling her love for painting, a passion that had dimmed over the past decade. Inspired by their bond, Mirella recently painted a piece that beautifully captures the essence of their colourful companionshipIt’s called “Celebrating our Friendship. 

older woman in spotty dress with a painting of flowers.

For Renay, volunteering with Mirella is more than just a commitment.  It’s a source of happiness and fulfillment. Renay’s life, a canvas of adventure and community spirit, finds a reflection in Mirella’s spirited past. 

“It’s such a pleasure I sometimes feel guilty.  I get just as much out of it as Mirella does.”

This is just one of the countless heartwarming connections made possible through In Great Company. The heart of the program is its reciprocal nature, revealing the beauty and power of social connections. No matter our age or background, we all have something valuable to share and receive. 

If you would like to make a connection of your own, click here for more information