Ainsley and Shannon’s road trip

Oct 28, 2019

Our wonderful client Ainsley experiences multiple health conditions which prevent her from travelling alone in her community. She was interested in going on a tour of the Feros Care Byron Bay Residential facility, so she called In Great Company for help. One of our fantastic volunteers, Shannon, jumped at the opportunity to assist Ainsley.

In Great Company volunteers want to give back

A recently qualified physiotherapist, Shannon Bosch is one of our community volunteers, who also helps out in the office when the Community Services Team need assistance to share their monthly collateral with our customers. Moving to the Gold Coast from Namibia, she says she had some free time and wanted to be involved in something meaningful that would not only enrich her life, but also contribute towards the lives of others. Shannon is a wonderful volunteer who has truly impacted the lives of those she visits. 

Shannon collected Ainsley one morning from her home and they went on a short road trip to Byron Bay, so she could have a tour of the facility with a view to moving there as she ages. 

They toured the facility and then went for a cuppa. Shannon shared with the Volunteer Team this week that “it was a lovely outing, and we chatted for hours and hours”. Shannon was also able to provide a listening ear to Ainsley on their way home as they discussed her transition to care, which can often be a big decision.

The power of support

Ainsley called the Volunteer Team and thanked us for a wonderful day, and was very grateful to Shannon for taking the time to assist her. She said that Shannon had made it so easy with her gentle support while she faced this big step. 

At In Great Company, we believe that taking some time out of our day to lend a helping hand or a listening ear to someone who needs it is the least we can do. Life is better shared, and Ainsley truly has found some great company in Shannon.

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