More than 80% of Australians believe our society is becoming a lonelier place. Our mission is to make sure no Aussie feels lonesome – and that’s where you come in!

We will match you with people living in their own home to help them remain independent and connected to their own community, and to reduce isolation. Volunteers can bring their passion for good by assisting seniors on social outings, popping by for home visits, or helping with small tasks around the home. You can also connect to our seniors virtually by chatting on the phone, tablet, or computer, and make a difference by listening from the comfort of your sofa!

Share your hobbies, interests and passions, have fun and meet new people, and lend a helping hand in tasks like gardening, decluttering, crafts, music, sports, or cooking. Provide companionship to seniors living in their homes and make new friends along the way.

We offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a role which is personalised to you, how you want to give your time, and what you would like to share.

What you do together is completely up to you: choose from a big variety of options, and let’s get started!