Important update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In Great Company is taking the Australian Coronavirus health alert very seriously. It is our highest priority to ensure we are well prepared, taking the direction of the Department of Health and peak bodies.

As always, the health and safety of our customers, staff and volunteers is paramount. We take great pride in providing quality and safe services and are committed to minimising the spread of COVID-19.

We have well established protocols and processes for infection control events which help keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. All staff, volunteers and related health professionals are working extremely hard to ensure a very strict adherence to these protocols.

We have taken proactive and extra precautionary measures to reduce the risk of the virus.

These include:

  • Regular broadcast and visual communication to keep everyone informed and diligent
  • Infection control refresher training face-to-face and online for staff
  • Increased monitoring of clients and residents by all staff for any ‘flu like’ symptoms and immediate reporting protocols
  • Restricted residential village visitor access as per federal government directive March 18, 2020
  • Ordering and implementation of extra personal protective equipment and other sanitising supplies
  • Introduced extra higher-grade premises cleaning

During this time, we would like to send a strong reminder to all of our customers and family members of the critical importance of frequent hand washing, coughing into crook of your arm, binning used tissues, social distancing and avoiding close contact with others if you are feeling unwell.

As per the Australian Government directive, please keep in mind the below when visiting a facility, whether you’re a volunteer, visitor, worker or contractor:

  • Please remember at every visit to bring a copy of your current 2020 flu vaccination record – a photo on your phone is an easy way to always have the record on you
  • Visiting hours are currently 9am-12pm
  • You will need to wear a face mask during your visit – a mask will be provided for you
  • You and whoever you’re visiting will need to maintain social distancing of 1.5m apart
  • You will need to have your temperature checked and it must be under 37.5 degrees
  • You will need to complete a wellness check ensuring no fever or symptoms of acute respiratory infection (e.g. cough, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath)
  • Only 2 people can visit at any one time
  • All visits are to take place in non-communal areas
  • You cannot visit if you have travelled to Melbourne in the previous 14 days. This is as per the NSW Chief Health Officer NSW directive as at 25 June 2020, until further notice
  • You cannot visit if you have travelled to the NSW LGAs of Waverley, Woollahra, Randwick, eastern part of City of Sydney, Parramatta, Fairfield, Camden, Wingecarribee, Wollondilly, Liverpool or Campbelltown in the previous 14 days. This is as per the NSW Chief Health Officer NSW directive as at July 2020, until further notice
  • You may also be deemed too high risk to visit if you have travelled to other Sydney and surrounding regions case-locations which are changing daily and can be found on the NSW Government latest news and updates page at
  • You cannot visit if you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days
  • You cannot visit if you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days

The precautions we have taken are to protect our customers, family members, staff and volunteers. We understand your potential frustration but we rely on your assistance to help keep our community safe during these trying times.

How can our volunteers help?

When it comes to In Great Company, our volunteer visitors offer a rich wealth of skills and interests, making the opportunities endless. Here are some of the most popular examples to guide you:

  • playing games, chatting over a cuppa, or simply spending time together in your home;
  • helping you to rekindle a hobby you once enjoyed;
  • helping you to learn to use technology to connect with your family and community;
  • spending quality time with you while your carer has a break;
  • help with small tasks around the home and garden, such as tidying, washing dishes, gardening, sorting out those cupboards, or cooking together;
  • accompanying or transporting you to appointments, social outings, or other outdoor activities.

For further information, we guide you to The Department of Health who are providing regular updates and information on the status of the situation.

Department of Health COVID-19 –

Residential and Aged Care Workers –

Residents, Family Members & Visitors –

NSW Latest Updates –

The Department of Health has also set up a special Coronavirus help line 1800 020 080.