Volunteers join forces to help combat loneliness and isolation

May 16, 2021

At In Great Company, we pay homage to volunteers this National Volunteer Week, held across the 17th-23rd of May. In Great Company aims to connect enthusiastic and caring volunteers with seniors who may feel isolated and alone.

By providing a platform for people wanting to volunteer and connect to their wider community, in particular seniors, In Great Company has created a vital project for the aged care sector.

Paul Kelehler, a Feros Care senior, said “I can no longer play bowls, I started to feel lonely, that’s when Feros Care reached out and suggested the volunteer program.

“I now have 2 great people visiting me each week, it makes my day.”

In Great Company brings people together to ensure they don’t feel alone in their later years of life, in particular those that are most vulnerable. Random acts of kindness quite often create some of the most engaging experiences.

Jessica Wilson, an In Great Company volunteer, said, “I used to volunteer with animals and now that I don’t get to see my family in New Zealand much anymore, I need to be with people. It made perfect sense to connect with seniors in my own

People who have experienced loss and grief tend to be drawn to volunteering, seeking out new connections and social interactions. The relationships formed between the seniors and their volunteers have life-changing benefits.

It’s not always viable or easy to ask family and friends for help. Enlisting compassionate and compatible volunteers can break down some of those barriers.

Research has shown that by connecting to your community you can create more joy and purpose in your life. Whether it’s playing board games, creating artwork or having a good old-fashioned laugh.

Volunteering is an asset to your resume, it shows commitment to the cause and can develop a range of new skills. In Great Company matches volunteers to seniors and has had remarkable results from combating loneliness to an increase in overall happiness.

Whether you are a student, full-time worker or a retiree, In Great Company can tailor a schedule to suit. Now’s the time to volunteer!

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