Training opportunity – COVID-19 infection control

Apr 21, 2020

At In Great Company, we believe in uplifting each other, and sharing opportunities so that each of our volunteers have the chance to gain new skills and life experiences –thereby helping those they assist. 

We have found some fantastic free training available and provided by the Department of Health, and which we are sharing with our volunteers and staff across the organisation.  

Please follow the link below, which will provide you with access, and follow the prompts to create a login. Once you have completed that part, it’s plain sailing from there.

You can access the following range of training which can support you whether you are volunteering at a residential facility or home:

  • Infection control 

  • Personal safety 

  • Residential care 

  • In-home care 

  • Aged care

  • What to do if you suspect some has coronavirus 

There are many more modules in addition to those listed above, and so much useful information and resources, all in an easy to understand format. You can even print a certificate once you have completed the training, and we can save this to your volunteer file, so please feel free to share it with us.

We don’t expect you to complete all of the modules, but there is a lot to learn in this new environment, and a lot we can do to keep one another safe during these times.