The power of connection

Oct 27, 2020

Mutual hobbies and interests are a great way to build valuable connections, and the proof is in the pudding for CVS recipient Marianne and her Community Visitor Elisabeth. 

For predominately German-speaking Marianne, it has been a difficult adjustment welcoming people into her home, but that all changed when she met our friendly visitor volunteer, Elisabeth.

When visitors first started coming to assist Marianne with housework, she was reluctant and uncertain, but Elisabeth was just what the doctor ordered. Elisabeth’s ability to speak German was an instant
ice breaker and made it easy for Marianne to communicate which had been a previous barrier.   

Elisabeth is a woman of many talents, from speaking multiple languages to her prowess in the kitchen. Her warm personality and enthusiastic approach to her volunteering duties had Marianne warming up to her quickly, the two becoming fast friends.
The pair spend hours together talking, going for walks at local parks, and even going out for ice cream.

Young woman and senior lady having ice cream together

Marianne and Elisabeth enjoying some ice cream

Recently, Marianne has been joining Elisabeth in the kitchen, cooking up a storm including some German favourites and comforting recipes. Earlier this month Elisabeth shared with us a menu of delicious dishes she prepared with Marianne
including a cream of potato, leek and bacon soup for lunch, pulled pork with a side salad for dinner and a luscious lemon pudding with fresh whipped cream for dessert. What a feast!  

Marianne and Elisabeth’s bond has made a notable difference in Marianne’s life, with her family stating how amazing it is to see their mother enjoying life again. Marianne lights up when Elisabeth is with her, getting involved in activities
she previously showed little interest in, and even showing an increase in appetite which is no surprise when the pair are preparing such amazing food together. Marianne’s son said he had not seen his mother cooking like that for years,
but now she will happily get in the kitchen with Elisabeth and at a recent mealtime even indulged in seconds.  

Senior lady sitting at table with lunch

Marianne and her lunch

The connection these two have formed is a testament to the power and importance of social interaction. By finding common ground on which to build a bond, Elisabeth has helped Marianne find a new zest for life. It is inspiring to receive feedback from
family members and clients who have felt the benefits of having social visits, and we look forward to hearing more wonderful stories from Marianne and Elisabeth.

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