Secret volunteer business

Oct 28, 2019

Kim Tattersall is one of our amazing new volunteers, and in her short time has made a huge difference to the lives of the clients she speaks to all day and the staff she supports. We sat down with Kim to ask her a few questions about what inspires her to volunteer each week, and to get to know the diversity and experience within our volunteer tribe.

Are you an original Gold Coaster Kim?

I am originally from Brisbane, but have lived on the Gold Coast for over 30 years, so consider myself a Gold Coaster.

What inspired you to volunteer for Feros Care’s In Great Company?

I liked the ethos of the company, that ‘everyone matters’, and living a positive and bold life.

Tell us about one secret skill you have!

I love dancing, Cubana Ruede Salsa, Dominican Republic Bachata are some of my favourites. It makes me happy, it’s great exercise, and I have made some beautiful friends.

If you could have 3 dinner guests, anyone in the world, who would they be?

Dame Quentin Bryce; Artist Ben Quilty; Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern.

If you could have one wish for our seniors, what would it be?

To live a life that includes doing things they love and spending time with others who inspire and make them feel respected and admired.

How do you feel when you go home from a day of volunteering?

I feel happy as I have enjoyed spending a day with friendly and kind people who have made me feel welcome.

Kim’s passion and commitment make her not only a pleasure to work with, but an invaluable addition to the volunteering team – a group of dedicated people who make a real difference in the lives of those who need it.