Resource app for volunteers launches

Sep 1, 2020

National advocacy organisation, Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN), launched new elder abuse prevention resources alongside Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians Richard Colbeck.

Know how to get support for yourself, or someone you care for in Australia. This app will help you connect to the right services to address issues related to Commonwealth funded aged care or elder abuse.

Find out about:

  • Free aged care advocacy help
  • Support to access aged care services
  • Your rights in aged care
  • Who to contact to address issues or make a complaint about care
  • Who to call for elder abuse issues 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OPAN, Craig Gear, says there were 2,735 people that went to OPAN for help last year.

“These resources aim to provide information to volunteers and all those in contact with older people to aid them to recognise the signs of possible abuse, and to educate the wider community on the rights of older people receiving aged care, and
how to access aged care advocacy services.

“It’s often aged care staff and families, as well as volunteers and visitors, who are on the frontline and might be the first to notice something is different or identify someone is at risk.  OPAN wants to provide the tools to help make taking action to abuse easier.”

Elderly help app on phone

Minister Colbeck said during the launch that he knew the Royal Commission would put everyone on notice, but he did not realise how powerful the interim report would be after it was released.

He says that a key benchmark of any society is how it treats its older citizens, particularly those who are vulnerable to abuse.

“The video and the mobile app mean more people will have better access to key information and practical assistance about aged care rights and support.”

The OPAN Elder HELP app is a free mobile tool for people to access information around advocacy, support, rights, issues and information around identifying elder abuse.

Within the app, there is easy access to phone numbers for advocates among OPAN as well as a direct link to the elder abuse line, 1800 ELDER HELP.

To find out more about OPAN’s new resources, head to their website. 

You can download the app here