On location with John

Mar 11, 2020

This week the In Great Company team went on location for an exciting photo shoot with one of our clients John. John was assisted by our volunteers this year to have his first real Christmas in 30 years. 

In case you missed it, you can read John’s story and the incredible efforts our volunteers have gone to by clicking here.  

Our marketing team arranged a photo shoot with John and his amazing volunteers, and we went on location for the day at John’s home, the beach, and out to a cafe for coffee and cake.  

We had heaps of fun, especially John. He had not been a model before, and there were many giggles as he posed for the photos, asking if his hair was okay or if he needed makeup. The whole team had a ball. 

Our amazing and very organised marketing team had all the props and cameras, and our very own Kaylee was great, selecting the best shots, making us laugh, and keeping us all entertained.  

Thank you to the marketing team for organising this great morning and keep an eye out for John and his volunteers who will feature in Feros Care’s next magazine edition. 

Group of people seated around a table at a cafe

Read one of John’s visitors’ story, see Andrew’s journey here.