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In Great Company wins Volunteer of the Year Award

Congratulations to In Great Company volunteer Bruce Mcnamara, who has been awarded the 2021 ACSA Aged Care Volunteer of the Year Award for NSW!

We are very proud of Bruce for this heartfelt achievement, the first volunteer nomination and win for our program. It embodies the spirit of our program, and acknowledges the humility, generosity and kindness of all our volunteers, dedicated to helping address loneliness and isolation among seniors living in the community.

A few words we would like to share from Bruce:

“I decided to volunteer in aged care to assist our elderly population in accessing things like email and Facebook. In my working days I was strong in this area and felt I have a lot to offer. Since visiting one of my elderly residents, I have been fortunate to open him up to the world of the internet and email. This has brought us both an abundance of pleasure and satisfaction.

In one case I am called a social chatter, and I guess this sums up what I do with all my senior clients. We share a laugh and talk about the world. To be recognised as the Volunteer of the Year is a surprise and it's very flattering. In my simple chatting moments, I feel rewarded to hear them laugh and see them smile when I arrive. To then be recognised at a higher level is very special for me.

Middle aged man holding an award trophy and a certificate

Bruce and his wife retired three years ago, intending to travel around Australia before the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their plans. Deciding to keep busy and noticing the loneliness and lack of connection when visiting his relatives in aged care facilities, Bruce applied to become a volunteer with In Great Company - and the rest is history!

To find out more about Bruce, click here.

Young man and senior man fishing

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