Helping others stay connected

Apr 21, 2020

Michele Nasoor has been with In Great Company for almost a year now, and in that time, she has been an inspirational volunteer, always willing to go the extra mile, and to offer her support to lots of our clients who find it difficult to access their community.  

At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Michele called the In Great Company team, and offered to support us wherever she could, and although she still visits one of her clients in person weekly, she also offered to visit two others digitally, which she does on the phone several times a week.  

Speaking to Emma, Michele said she is thoroughly loving being involved in this exciting ‘kindness response’ and making sure our clients are still feeling connected to someone through their isolation.  

“I could not have picked a better organisation to volunteer with, the team are so responsive, and I always get hold of someone if I have any questions or need advice. Some people may say it is only volunteer work, but it is so invaluable to the clients, and sometimes I know I am the only person they have spoken to that day.  

“I still visit John in person every week and assist him to chop his veg following his stroke, and I think I enjoy this as much as he does. John was my first male client match, and I just love visiting him, he is such a gem, and he really appreciates and makes me feel valued as a volunteer. It’s a joy”.  

Visiting three people each week would keep most people busy, but our amazing Michele always mentions during our chats that she still has more time if we come across anyone else who is isolated and would benefit from her company.  

As we always give our volunteers absolute choice, and Michele is camera shy and does not volunteer for the recognition, she has asked that we share a photo of John, whom she visits, as she says he is really the star of the show.  

A massive thank you Michele – truly a volunteer deserving our shout-out of thanks this month!  

If you’d like to become a volunteer and help others just like Michele does, click here!