From planes to volunteering

Nov 24, 2020

Leon and his partner, Noeline met in Canberra where they lived together for 25 years. 

They decided to move to Ocean Shores and then on to Brisbane, where they lived until 2013. Kingscliff has always been a preferred holiday spot for Leon and Noeline, so in 2013 they decided to move to the nearby Tweed Heads.  

Unfortunately, shortly after moving to Tweed, Noeline’s respiratory problems became more acute to a point where she was hospitalised multiple times with increasing breathing issues. Although Noeline had in-home care, it was decided that more constantly
available medical care would be required – it was then in 2017 that she became a permanent resident of Feros Care residential village at Wommin Bay.

Noeline continues to struggle with shortness of breath, but that does not stop her in doing what she enjoys, such as in-home styling and her craft hobbies which include card making and knitting.

Leon, who spent many years in the airline industry, decided to sign up as a volunteer at our Wommin Bay village when his partner moved in. Leon has been helping out with driving residents to the shops or to fun outings in the local community. Since the
pandemic, he has been helping with the wellness checks to ensure the residents can remain healthy and safe, while helping family members visit their loved ones during these difficult and uncertain times. Leon still helps with transporting clients
to essential appointments and on scenic trips along the coast.  

Having been involved with Feros Care for over 3 years, now Leon appreciates the awesome job which the carers and nurses do daily in caring for the residents. Any company’s greatest asset is its staff and it is Leon’s belief that the staff at Feros Care deserve every acknowledgement of their untiring efforts.

Leon also shared with us that volunteering both enables him to spend more time with his partner, as well as the enjoyment which he gets from interacting with visitors when carrying out the visitor screening. 

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