Feros Care joins In Great Company volunteers

Oct 28, 2019

Penny is a client of Feros Care and the mother of one of Feros Care’s regional wellbeing managers. Penny needed some extra companionship, and respite for her caring husband. 

Enter Alyssa, who works at Feros Care Coolangatta. Alyssa approached the volunteer team to see if she could volunteer to support one of our clients as a visitor. Alyssa had heard the stories being shared about the amazing In Great Company volunteer program and wanted to be a part of this exciting space.

We welcomed Alyssa with her passion for giving, as she shared with us her heart for the local community and seniors who may be in need of companionship. Alyssa is an amazing, kind and generous woman, who has been visiting Penny each Sunday, where they do their grocery shopping together and grab a cuppa afterwards.

Alyssa was thrilled to begin this journey with Penny, and the same can be said of Penny. They have since built a close friendship. Alyssa is off on maternity leave right now, but has promised Penny to bring her baby for a visit.

Alyssa has told us that giving just a few hours of her time each week made a massive difference in the life of an elderly person. She said that her bucket was constantly filled up, knowing that she had a positive influence on Penny’s life.

We have many different services on offer as part of the In Great Company volunteer program.

If you are interested in being matched up with your own volunteer – and make new friends in the process – then click here and find out more.