5 reasons why it’s worth making time to volunteer

May 29, 2024

Volunteering is often seen as a selfless act dedicated to helping others, but life’s pressures – like rising living costs, health worries, and time constraints – can easily interfere.

This is evident in recent statistics from Volunteering Queensland, showing a decline in volunteer numbers. The data highlights a 20% drop in formal volunteering with organisations and a 15% decrease in informal volunteering (like helping a neighbour with their bins).

Interestingly, 30% of respondents expressed a desire to volunteer more, recognising its value!

We understand life’s busyness and challenges. Yet, we also know the profound impact volunteering can have. Our program by Feros Care is designed to be flexible, allowing you to make a difference even with just an hour a week or fortnight.

Here are five compelling reasons to prioritise volunteering, whether you’re already passionate about it or considering giving it a go.

  1. It boosts your mental health

According to the State of Volunteering in Queensland 2024 Report from Volunteering Queensland, research shows that volunteering can significantly improve mental health. The social interactions and community engagement that come with volunteering are known to reduce stress and enhance mental wellbeing.

Glenys, one of our volunteers, shares, “It’s great for my own mental health. It makes me feel happy, gets me out of the house, and allows me to contribute and give back. It makes me appreciate life more.”

Furthermore, the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health found that women who volunteer experience lower levels of depression and higher satisfaction and wellbeing compared to non-volunteers.

  1. It enhances your physical health

Volunteering benefits not just the mind but the body as well. Activities that involve physical engagement can improve overall health. Whether it’s bowling with a buddy or weekly beach walks, regular activity helps maintain physical fitness, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Our volunteer, Andrew, explains, “Volunteering supports my own health and wellness during stressful times, both physically and mentally. It’s really beneficial!”

  1. It cultivates compassion and empathy

Volunteering enriches your mental wellbeing by fostering compassion and empathy. Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds, especially those facing challenges like ageing or isolation, provides insight into their experiences.

Through our volunteer program, you not only help others but also experience personal growth and improved wellbeing.

  1. It deepens personal connections

Volunteering often involves spending one-on-one time with someone who appreciates companionship and support. These interactions can lead to meaningful and lasting relationships, providing a sense of community and belonging.

Jasmine, another volunteer, shares, “Volunteering has enriched my life by showing me the value of human connection and community.”

  1. It increases life satisfaction

Many volunteers experience a ‘helper’s high’ – a feeling of joy and energy from giving back. The Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University consistently finds that volunteers report higher life satisfaction compared to non-volunteers.

Volunteer Judi says, “Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose and boosts my overall life satisfaction, making me a happier, healthier person.”

Keith echoes this, adding, “Helping others not only makes a difference in their lives but also enriches my own. I recommend volunteering with seniors to everyone for its unmatched sense of satisfaction.”

Volunteering with our program, which is delivered by Feros Care, can profoundly impact your emotional and physical wellbeing, enhancing your sense of community fulfillment.

If you would enjoy more meaningful interactions and personal growth, explore volunteering with us.

You can also call 1300 736 930, or email [email protected].

We welcome you to join us at your own pace and start your volunteering journey whenever you’re ready.