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Virtual Social Centre - Volunteer Apply
  • Innovative digital program for seniors
  • Help to connect those who are isolated
  • Experience technology changing lives

Are you an innovator?

Would you like to be part of a program which helps to reduce isolation for our seniors by connecting them through technology?

Enter the VSC……. Virtual Social Centre!

The VSC is an online community - invented to bring together seniors from across Australia to connect with each other through diverse programs. This virtual community connects seniors to each other from the comfort of their home, or perhaps where they live, often remotely.

As well as meeting and speaking with one another, they enjoy group sessions such as discussion groups, book clubs, physical exercise, reminiscing though music, and chat sessions to name a few.

Our community volunteers also attend free community events which are live streamed into the VSC, bringing the world outside - inside to those who are isolated.

Breaking the cycle of loneliness

Each year, Feros Care works with over 55,000 people who need support to live independent fulfilled lives. What we have learned is how susceptible many are to feeling lonely and/or isolated; what we see is how devastating this can be.

Evidence shows that left unresolved, feeling lonely has a bigger impact on health than smoking, physical inactivity and obesity. Loneliness is also associated with a greater risk of coronary heart disease and stroke as well as an increased risk of depression, low self-esteem, sleep problems and Alzheimer’s disease. 

The Australian Loneliness Report found greater social connection recognised a 50% reduction in the risk of early death. 

Loneliness can touch anyone. For a day, a month or a lifetime.

So how can YOU make a difference in YOUR community?

  • Support our seniors to connect to the VSC and reduce loneliness through real social connection
  • Engage, inspire and connect with people from different backgrounds, experiences and lives
  • Empower people to live their best lives.
  • Discover new things about yourself and grow in your own life
  • Help our seniors to connect to the new world of technology
  • While based in Tweed Heads, we welcome candidates from all over Australia as this role can be completed in an online capacity

If you think you could be part of this innovative and exciting new place then get in touch. 

Whether you think you could be our next streaming star, are great with filming and making movies, or you could help people in their homes to learn the tech and set up, we can match you to a volunteer role which is flexible and perfect just for you!

Young man and senior man fishing

Want to get involved?

See what being a volunteer with In Great Company is all about and how you could make a positive difference in someone's life, by signing up for our volunteer newsletter.