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In Great Company is a volunteer program designed to connect people in need of support and social connection with caring, friendly, and enthusiastic volunteers.

In Great Company was born out of a need for a service that puts you first and creates a real difference in the lives of people and those volunteering their time to give back.

We believe that the wait for aged care services should be made easier with a little help along the way, and our volunteers can give you just that.

Our volunteer program includes a huge variety of services designed to benefit both our friendly volunteers and our amazing clients. It's not always easy to ask a friend to lend a hand - but we believe in the power of connection and the compassion of everyone involved with In Great Company.

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Spread merriness with everyone

Nov 24, 2020, 15:28 PM by Fruzsina Gal
This Christmas, we encourage you to give back in your own way with the More the Merrier campaign - whether that's by inviting someone to your Christmas lunch, or spreading the festive cheer by bringing your neighbours some Christmas treats. Find out more!

This Christmas, we encourage you to give back in your own way with the More the Merrier campaign.

Now more than ever, many people in our community face the upcoming holidays with the knowledge they’ll need to spend it alone. Whether due to distance from family, medical conditions keeping them isolated, or simply a lack of loved ones to turn to, Feros Care and its charitable initiate, Be Someone For Someone, believe no one should have to spend Christmas Day alone. 

The More the Merrier campaign was launched in 2019 after it was recognised that many seniors in Feros Care's aged care services found Christmas to be the loneliest time of the year, and Feros Care decided they needed to do something about it. In its first year, Be Someone For Someone managed to help 400 people combat loneliness whether through sending cards, staff and carers visiting seniors on Christmas day, inviting them into their own homes or having virtual Christmas lunch.

This year the campaign returns, inviting people to share the message and get involved. Feros Care, In Great Company and Aspire4Life staff have been invited to contribute by pledging to brighten someone’s Christmas this year whether it be sending a card, making a donation, or reaching out to a neighbour, client, or friend they know will be alone on the day.

One of the most exciting parts of the initiative is that this year Feros Care have invited 100 clients to join a virtual Christmas Brunch via the Virtual Senior Centre. Clients will be sent a hamper of goodies provided by the generous donations from those wanting to give our seniors a connected Christmas. For our seniors like 90 year old John, who had spent 30 years in a row alone at Christmas, the More The Merrier campaign has been a dream come true and inspired Be Someone For Someone to go even further this year to reach more seniors and give them an unforgettable Christmas.

You may be asking how you can get involved and support the More The Merrier campaign, well Be Someone For Someone has suggested ways in which you can contribute to make the campaign a success.

Share The Campaign

Sharing the campaign is one of the best ways to support it. Word of mouth, letting your friends and family know about the campaign and how they can get involved is a huge help. Sharing the More The Merrier campaign webpage ( on your social media pages via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gets the word out and in turn gets more people involved.

Reach Out To Your Community

If you know of someone in your community who is going to be spending Christmas alone, why not reach out? Invite them to your Christmas lunch, swing by for a cup of tea on the day, give them a call or even just send them a Christmas card to let them know someone is thinking about them. It is amazing how much difference the smallest gesture can make to brighten someone’s day.

Make A Donation

If you don’t have the time to spare but would like to help a senior enjoy a virtual Christmas Brunch or have a special hamper to open of Christmas day, you can head to the donations page. Even the smallest amount will help Be Someone For Someone reach more people this Christmas.

To read more about the campaign, watch John’s story and donate please follow the below links.

More The Merrier page:


John’s Christmas story:  

In Great Company would like to wish you all a happy holidays, and thank our incredible volunteers who make a difference in combating the issue of loneliness for our seniors every day of the year.  

Young man and senior man fishing

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